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Does your job applicant have the necessary software and business skills to succeed at your establishment?

Use the Pre·valuate testing system to accurately verify skills levels by choosing from hundreds of available assessments at Pre·valuate Online. Our testing system is intuitively administered and provides a thorough, easy to interpret Results Report.

Validation procedures have been applied to each of our evaluations according to the EEOC's Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedure (UGESP). Pre·valuate is used by thousands of Human Resources departments and by placement agencies to gather essential candidate information that is utilized in each hiring decision.


Advancement? Who can tackle the demands that this promotion requires?

With Pre·valuate, you can be sure that your most talented employees are ready to take on the considerable demands that upward mobility entails. Have the utmost confidence in your promotion decisions since Pre·valuate can assess employee skill levels in accordance with on-the-job demands. Your most qualified employees can demonstrate their knowledge in a wide array of areas including administrative, legal, medical, accounting, etc., and can prove they deserve that promotion and are qualified for high priority or key assignments.


Trying to direct an employee to the appropriate training program? Would you like to evaluate the effectiveness of the training program already in place?

The Pre·valuate testing system is an essential tool for training-needs analysis. After employees complete a pre-training test, employers will identify their strengths and weaknesses to better fit them with a training outline that will instruct them in the areas that need improvement. Upon completion of the assigned training, a post-test will illustrate the effectiveness of the instruction by displaying the increase in scores and skill set. Our clients have seen a measurable Return On Investment, averaging a 28% increase in savings, which adds to the company's bottom-line earnings. Candidates enjoy increased responsibility and productivity, along with an average increase of 55% in their scores.

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